nFold helps your proposals to fly, by writing words that win. If you need help with a specific proposal, want to improve your proposal process, gain better proposal skills or if you simply want to increase your deal capacity by creating better proposals more quickly, then contact nFold today.

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Learn to Win | Proposal Training

Does your business writing lack impact? Did you know that there is a wealth of proposal science?

Are you in sales or business development and expected to write proposals but no one ever taught you?

Or maybe you're looking for an APMP accredited trainer to help you achieve the Foundation level certification and get the recognition you deserve?

Want to write a winning executive summary?

Learn to win with nFold's suite of training courses. Click here to find out more or book a course today.


Ignite your Bids | Proposal Consulting

Are you looking for a proposal consultant or a tender consultant to help you win a specific deal?

Need to grow capacity in your proposal team?

Or are you looking for advice to improve your proposal quality, create a bid process or increase your deal capacity?

nFold has a range of consulting services to help you. Our experienced bid network provides quick win proposal services as well as a fully outsourced proposal solution from end to end.


Faster Proposals | Software to Automate

Looking for ways to work smarter? Want to save time on proposals and tenders?

Keen to build a content library with proposal-ready content to improve the quality of your proposals?

Want to automate the process of proposal creation?

Consider Qvidian proposal automation software.


Free Proposal Tip

Are you writing a proposal or tender and you're not sure where to begin?

Or perhaps you have heaps of experience, but you're looking for some fresh ideas and insights?

Attend a master class or read our latest proposal tip titled: "Recipe for Success - ingredients of a good template."


Need a break after your last deadline? Relax with our mascot Wendy Word, and keep in touch with news in the proposal world by following her amusing adventures as a proposal pioneer. In January, Wendy waxes lyrical about making mistakes in proposals and in life.

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nFold knows that times are tough. Win more deals in 2019. Enjoy the same great services at 2018 rates until 30 June 2019.


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“We attended nFold’s Persuasive Proposals training. This workshop was a revelation and since we implemented what we learned , we’ve improved our closing rate by up to 75%. Our revenue doubled within a few months of attending.”

KK Diaz, Entrepreneur

Unique Value

nFold's goal is to help customers succeed. You benefit from our unique approach:

  • Win 28% more deals because we apply best practice methods of global guru Tom Sant.
  • Create sales documents 40% faster because we are exclusive distributors for Qvidian proposal automation.
  • Improve quality because our proposal experience and creativity will add sparkle to your bids.
  • Uplift skills by attending training by certified proposal trainers based on global best practice methods.
  • You gain the edge because in 2019, nFold celebrates 18 years of proposal innovation and excellence.