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Learn to write better proposals and tenders to win more business.  Believe it or not, there is a whole lot of theory on how to write a winning proposal or tender for new business.  Armed with the right knowledge, your sales team could be more effective in winning customers.

for your 
Whether you've run out of time or need to hire new proposal people quickly, nFold has people ready to help you. Our bid consultants can help with any or all stages of the bid process. From bid qualification, win strategy, writing content, editing, creative support, layout and packaging, proof reading, postmortems, to project managing the whole bidRead more about our bid network and win menu here

use Best Practice
Transform your proposals...using our methods, companies win 33% more deals.
We diagnose your proposals and show you where to improve or we can rewrite your proposals for you using international best practice. Our proposal consultants work fast to improve your proposals and bids to help you win more consistently.
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Qvidian - Changing
 the Winning Game
Empower your sales team to work smarter and 44% faster.

Proposal Automation - Accelerate the production of winning proposals and deliver accurate and consistent messages to your customers.

Sales Playbooks and Analytics - Improve adoption of sales tools in precision sales tracking and forecasting to improve sales effectiveness.
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Wendy Word
Latest Blog Live
Take 5 minutes to grow the proposal profession and benchmark your salary in the local market!  Take the proposal manager salary survey before 31 July!
In July, Wendy rabbits on about the winds of change. She hopes it will make you smile.

Wendy Word is a friendly witch who travels from one proposal team or event to another, sharing tips and tricks on how to write proposals that win. If you want her to cast a spell that will inspire your team, contact so that she can visit you. She loves to have proposal fun.
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Proposal Tip
The Quest for Zero Defect

The cheapest way to improve the quality of a proposal is to make time to review it. Sounds obvious, but in the heat of the deadline, quality checks often fall by the way-side. This allows those last minute credibility killers to sneak into your proposal. Alas, they may lose you the deal. The quest for zero defect is worthy of pursuit.

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Executive Summaries – The first pages of any proposal are the most important. We teach you how to make a compelling business case using the persuasive structure.

Win Strategies and Themes – Knowing your competitors and what makes your offer unique from the customer’s perspective will help you to define strong win themes.

Storyboards and Stories – Storyboards are planning tools that help you develop a winning proposal faster. Using stories in your proposals helps your customer to remember and recommend your solution.

Quantify the Payback / Sell the Value – Customers want to know that the value of your solution exceeds that of your competitor. They also want to see that the payback exceeds the cost. We look at ways to show value and quantify payback.

Persuasive Techniques
nFold represents Tom Sant in SA
Dr Tom Sant The most vital question on any sales person’s mind is: ‘What does it take to get someone to say YES?’
Proposal guru and master of persuasion, Dr Tom Sant says "Use your NOSE to win more deals"

N = Customers want to know that you understand their Needs, issues or business challenges.

O = Will your solution help them to achieve the business results, improvements or Outcomes they seek? 

S = As the expert in your field, they are looking to you to recommend a specific Solution rather than bragging about your product features and confusing them with irrelevant technical details.

E = Last but not least, provide Evidence of your ability to deliver and give them compelling reasons to select you rather than a competitor.
nFold represents the bid best practices promoted by Dr Tom Sant. Named one of the Top Ten Sales Trainers in the World by Selling Power Magazine, he is a renowned expert in effective selling and persuasive communication and wrote the world's most popular book on writing proposals.
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APMP SA LogoRegister now to attend the next local APMP Conference in July 2013. Sandy Pullinger will be adding a fresh spin to the topic of Executive Summaries. The theme this year is Structured to Win and there are some great speakers.
The proposal profession is gaining recognition in South Africa - and even up through Africa.  Go to to find out how to become a member, gain from the international body of knowledge and get on the mailing list to be invited to attend networking events.
nFold co-founded the local chapter of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) in 2009. Internationally, the APMP has been operating for more than 25 years (read more at 

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