Stand Out from the Crowd

Make your proposals more convincing.

Many people write proposals without first learning how. If your clients are tired of the same boring messages that you cut and paste into your proposals then this course is for you. Improve your success rate by applying global best practice methods. Get inspired with new ideas to write sales proposals that convince your clients to give you more profitable deals. Then watch your win rates soar!

Why attend the Persuasive Proposals course?

For anyone at any level involved in creating sales proposals and tenders, this course unleashes the art and science that will help you to improve.

  1. Discover ten tips from global guru Tom Sant.
  2. Create a persuasive proposal by combining the right information in the right order to make the right impact.
  3. Enhance the client focus of your proposals.
  4. Find outhow to differentiate your solution by highlighting unique aspects that matter to your clients.
  5. Learn the winning elements that will take your proposal from good to great and help your solution to stand out from the crowd.

nFold courses are practical and fun. Write persuasive proposals to win more deals.


Tom Sant is described by Selling Power Magazine as one of the top ten sales trainers in the world. He is the author of the best-selling "Persuasive Business Proposals” which has sold more than 100,000 copies. nFold's course includes content from this popular book.

Satisfied Delegates

"I learnt how to confidently write a customer focused proposal and substantiate my claims."

“Learnt the structure of writing a proposal. This was an awesome course.”