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Buy a Popular Book

Reading Tom Sant's books about business writing and persuasive proposals are a quick way to get better results.


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Do you want your company profile to make a better impact on your existing and potential clients.  Send us your current profile or give us a writers brief to create a new one. We will wave our magic wand to add some sparkle!

Proposal Review

If you need a roadmap to successful proposals, we can help.

Do your proposals measure up? How do they compare to typical proposals in your industry? Using best practice metrics, we rate your proposals and tenders. In an executive briefing session and a white paper, we tell you what you're doing well, and suggest specific areas for improvement.

Proposal Writing

If you're hungry to win then we have the right recipe.

As proposal chefs, we assemble the winning ingredients to improve your proposal. Give us an existing proposal to transform, or brief us on the details for a new proposal you need. We write words that win to help you succeed.

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