Win More and Work Less

As exclusive distributors for Qvidian software in Africa since 2002, nFold provides related training, delivery and support services. From 2017, we now also partner with VisibleThread.

Five reasons to automate proposals, RFPs and pitches

  1. Improve turnaround time by working faster.
  2. Increase deal capacity by creating more proposals.
  3. Enhance win rates by improving quality.
  4. Enable team-work through collaboration.
  5. Provide easy access to consistent sales messages.


Shred RFPs in minutes to improve compliance, reduce risk and win more business. VisibleThread Docs is a document analysis software tool. It shreds documents in minutes, generates compliance matrices and instantly pinpoints non-compliant, risky content and poor readability in your documents.

“VisibleThread is rocking our world. It has dramatically helped improve the quality and readability of our documents. Saves editing time and helps to flag problem areas quickly.” Rockwell Collins


Satisfied nFold Customers

“Qvidian has helped us immensely with managing our time when it comes to completing/responding to RFPs. The biggest thing for us, is that Qvidian has allowed us to have information about the company centralised and at our fingertips. The ‘Google like’ search engine is the best feature as it allows us to get that information in a split second and this has been extremely valuable. We had a smooth process from nFold with getting us started and trained. The Support Team at Qvidian and nFold is always available to help and answer questions.”  Zandile Ngwepe, Institutional Distribution (STANLIB)

"You are always willing to assist and you know Qvidian really well."  Marlize Schwar, Head of Tenders/RFP, Corporate and Investment Bank (Barclays Africa)

Success Stories

On average, Qvidian customers win 28% more and produce complex sales documents 40% faster.

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Qvidian measures its own success by tracking the success of our customers.With over 1,200 global customers including Dell (NASDAQ:DELL), Citi (NYSE:C), ADP (NASDAQ:ADP), CA (NASDAQ:CA), and Splunk (NASDAQ:SPLK), Qvidian is helping organizations significantly increase their profitable revenues while eliminating waste and reducing costs.

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