Business development succeeds when there is a deal.  To get that deal requires executive involvement throughout the bid or proposal process.  To win against the competition requires input from the executive  team. To make a positive impact, leaders must influence qualification, strategy and quality. 

The nFold team now offers a 2-step process to give executives the tools to improve your win rates.

  1. Take Stock - We review a sample bids or proposals for compliance, best practice and differentiation.  Receive a report back on status (R8,000).
  2. Executive Workshop -  A three-hour interactive workshop focused on management and executives involved in winning business to give you the tools you need to influence the right results. (R15,000).

Take both steps now for R20,000, subject to payment by 1 August 2017. All prices exclude VAT.

Take the Lead to Grow Sales

Special Offer Valid Until 1 August


Why is this important?

Winning business is a shared responsibility for the company.  Executives cannot leave it to the Bid Teams and Account Executives to prepare and submit winning bids.

Unless the whole team in the company takes joint ownership, understand roles and responsibilities and share a well planned win-strategy, you are submitting 'me too' bids and proposals.  You leave the client no choice but to select on price only.

Who should attend?

A must for the leadership team tasked to win business.  The executive team may consist of Senior Executives, Business Development Executives, Bid Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, and General Management.

The Review Includes:

We will review up to 100 pages of your current proposal content, or a single bid (no matter the size). For a bid, we require the original RFP request from the client to check for compliance. We evaluate your proposal or bid using best practice methods. In our feedback to your team, we will touch on client focus, differentiation and your value proposition to the client. The output from the review feeds into the executive workshop so that our feedback to you is more specific to your own bids.

The Workshop Includes:

nFold designed a Bid 101 for Executives 3-hour course to develop the 20% of bid-skills that will make the 80% difference in your business.  We take executives through the tools and techniques that give direction to your bid and sales teams.

Bid 101 for Executives develops skills in the executive team to:

  • Refine bid qualification and consider impact of bidding on the organisation
  • Define and agree proposals and bid roles and responsibilities in the company
  • Determine a winning strategy for the opportunity
  • Identify and communicate the key winning messages - internally and externally
  • Give strategic direction and conduct constructive reviews

Spread the word in your organisation. It is time to take the business of winning seriously. Book for your executive team to attend a workshop to grow sales by influencing the bid strategy and process. Get tips and techniques on bid leadership.

Annatjie Jonker
Business development consultant and trainer with more than 20 years of business / management experience. Annatjie is globally certified by APMP.  She has extensive experience as a Business Executive in global organisations.



Past customers say:  "We now understand the importance and impact of improving the qualification process, getting buy-in from all stakeholders and focusing on the client's needs to create our win strategy."