ResourcesA pirate’s map to a content library treasure chest

November 9, 2023by Izane Cloete-Hamilton

ResourcesA pirate's map to a content library treasure chest

Ahoy, mateys! Pack up ye olde sales sheets and dusty proposal drafts and set sail towards stronger salesmanship and writing. With this map, reach your ultimate goal – the Sales and Proposal Content Library.

  1. Chart your course: To find a pirate’s treasure, you need a map. Similarly, start by defining what you want to achieve with your content library. Is it to streamline the proposal writing process, give your sales team a competitive edge, or something else? Draw out your objectives.
  2. Gather your booty: Identify existing sales content or ‘gold doubloons’. These can be everything from case studies and white papers to past successful proposals. This could be your golden bounty!
  3. Sort your loot: Just like every good pirate, organise your treasure! Categorise these resources logically and create a consistent naming system. A well-organized chest is a pirate’s dream!
  4. Identify missing jewels: Keep an eye out for any missing pieces of the treasure. Are there certain documents or information you’re lacking? Make a note of these missing jewels for your next pursuit.
  5. Acquire more gems: Start filling the gaps identified by crafting more high-quality content. Let your creativity flow like a pirate’s flag in the wind.
  6. A pirate’s stamp: Every pirate has a unique flag; similarly, make sure all your materials align with your brand’s distinct style and voice. Hoist your flag high!
  7. Keep your treasure shiny: Just as pirates clean their golden doubloons, regularly review and update your content to keep it shiny and relevant. Nobody likes rusty gold!
  8. The accessible chest: Make sure your treasure chest (content library) is easily accessible to all crew members (the sales team). A treasure hoarded is a treasure wasted.
  9. Train your crew: Train your crew on how to dig the most gold out of your content library. Maybe it’s time for a pirate masterclass?
  10. Call an expert cartographer: The high seas of content creation can be treacherous and confusing. If you find yourself lost among the waves or just unsure of how to embark on this grand adventure, call on nFold, the master cartographers of the sales and proposal world. With their help, you’ll have a treasure map that leads straight to success.

Make this an adventure for your entire team, and prepare for the exciting journey ahead. Remember, in this grand adventure of building a content library, no one has to walk the plank alone!
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