NewsBidding Quarterly Article: Measuring to win – or just measuring your wins

July 14, 2023by admin

Bidding Quarterly ArticleMeasuring to win - or just measuring your wins

Measuring and reporting on an organisation’s bid an proposal function is crucial to improving your win rate – but if you are only looking at your win rate you may be missing a beat.

Reporting and measuring the return on investment of your proposal function and the performance of your team is important to:

  • Manage the function: You cannot manage what you can’t measure. Therefore, it is essential to have performance indicators to measure the effectiveness of the bid and proposal function.
  • Building a winning culture: Building a high-performance team requires vital performance indicators, and win rate is not one of them. Instead, driving the right behaviours will result in increased wins.
  • Gain buy-in and investment: One of the most significant complaints from the proposal industry is a lack of buy-in or respect for the proposal function. In my view, a big reason for this is that the proposal function has not effectively sold the value proposal to the business. The best way to do this is with statistics.

You can download the full article from the link below.
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