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November 8, 2023by Izane Cloete-Hamilton

Evolution of the Bid-Slinger: A Maverick's Guide to Mastering the Proposal Game

During my wild ride in the world of bids and proposals, I’ve worked with all sorts – bid managers, bid coordinators, designers, and writers. I’ve gained insight into what really makes someone click in this profession. It’s not just about juggling tasks effectively or generating snazzy templates; it’s also about thriving under pressure and maintaining an eagle eye for each minute detail.

Sometimes, the bidding world throws Shakespeare’s famous line, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” out the window. A rose might be a rose for you, but for someone else, it might be an entirely different bloom. Bids are a complex beast; my take on what’s competent might be completely different from the next person’s.

Where am I going with this?

Not all bid and proposal approaches are created equal, which is a significant part of what makes this industry so captivating. They present a challenge but also a splendid invitation to innovate, adapt, and evolve as a bid professional, regardless of your industry.
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