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August 2, 2022by admin

CLIENT-FOCUSED BIDSMake your offer matter with the right content

Knowing what compels your client to buy, what is holding them back, and the people or issues influencing them is core to developing a client-focused response.

By understanding the client and opportunity, you can build a detailed profile of the opportunity and demonstrate this in your submission.

When you bid, ensure that you develop a solution about the client and their key drivers. Your winning strategy must differentiate you from your competitors and clearly show the client how you will solve their issues. Do this during capture planning – before the RFP is out!

Three components that help develop a client-focused and compelling submission:

  • Understanding your client and their drivers
  • Validating potential solutions with clients
  • Document and share this information

TIP: Having access to validated information on the key drivers of the client means that you can write a proposal focusing on the client and how to resolve their issues.

By documenting and sharing the information you gathered about the client and opportunity, you provide proposal writers with credible information that they can transform into compelling content that speaks to the critical requirements of the RFP and ultimately offers solutions to the client’s key issues!
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