CODE OF ETHICSnFold has zero tolerance to bribery, corruption and fraud.

The current economic climate, state-capture and digital world is placing more emphasis and attention on transparency and ethical corporate governance.  Supply chain and procurement play a strategic role in driving jobs and the economy. This is why governance is paramount to the procurement teams and those responding to tenders. A governance system is a tool to enable better business decisions, transparency and sustainability.

As a result, nFold has zero tolerance to bribery, corruption and fraud.

As APMP members, nFold subscribes to the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) code of ethics being:

nFold consultants, employees and suppliers must:

  • Comply with rules, government regulations, and laws in their respective countries, as well as other appropriate private and public regulatory agencies.
  • Ensure compliance with all rules concerning interaction with clients and government liaisons.
  • Protect sensitive information and comply with all legal requirements for the disclosure of information.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest, or the appearance of same, and disclose to their employer or client any circumstances that may influence their judgement and objectivity.
  • Ensure that a mutual understanding of the objectives, scope, work plan, and fee arrangements has been established before accepting any assignment.
  • Represent the proposal profession with integrity in their relationships with employers, clients, colleagues, and the general public.
  • When in doubt about how to resolve an ethical dilemma, confer with a person you trust—one who is not directly involved in the outcome.

nFold’s commitment to its zero tolerance of bribery, corruption and fraud is encapsulated in its Anti-Bribery and corruption policy.
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