Best PracticesCompliant and consistent content – a critical success factor

August 2, 2022by admin

COMPLIANT, CONSISTENT CONTENTIt is more than just meeting client requirements

Meeting client response requirements is a critical success factor in any proposal. You cannot win it if you are not in it! Non-compliance with the RFP requirements and evaluation criteria is the number one reason why companies fail at bidding. Every response must be unique and tailored to meet the client’s specific requirements.

TIP: Create a knowledge repository to store tools like compliance checklists, storyboards, templates, and internal content reviews.

Applying proposal management best practices and tools like compliance checklists, storyboards, templates, and internal content reviews all help ensure compliance. Develop these tools and keep them in a knowledge repository or integrate them with your proposal management software to use when you develop your next submission. Furthermore, use a knowledge repository to securely store all the compliance documents you will need to submit and create a process to ensure that these documents are always relevant and updated timeously.

TIP: Most clients have a probity process when it comes to proposals. Information in the form of a matrix, template or roadmap are valuable proposal management tools to help prepare compliant proposals.
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