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I’m in sales, why do I need to know about bids and tenders?

Winning business is a team sport. Marketing, sales, bid delivery, pricing, operations, legal, finance, etc., each has a role to play. The better you as the salesperson or account manager understand bidding, the better you will be able to add value, competitor knowledge and customer insight to improve your chances of winning the business.

How can you help me if you don’t work in my industry?

There are many types of writing, for e.g., report writing, writing for industry, contract writing, and of course, proposal writing. The style, techniques, format, and templates we use are designed to persuade and win – regardless of the industry our clients are in. We know we cannot do this on our own. Your subject matter expertise (SME) is a crucial part to the process. Who better to understand your business and industry than… you? That’s why we work with you and combine our SME with yours. It is a win-win (pun intended).

Will you consult to more than one organisation competing for the same tender?

No, absolutely not. We will only support the first organisation that engages us, and they get our exclusive support. We offer first right refusal to our clients who have a preferential support agreement or retainer with us.

We understand commercial sensitivity and if a conflict of interest may arise, we will immediately disclose this to the relevant parties.

How can you guarantee confidentiality?

In a competitive tendering situation, companies have to disclose confidential and sensitive information to us. It is the nature of the business we are in. Our livelihood depends on ethical business dealings. Therefore, over and above the regulatory compliance requirements like POPIA and GDPR preventing us from sharing any personal and confidential information, you also have our word. And to solidify this, we insist on signing a confidentiality agreement with our clients right up front.

Can you help determine why I have been unsuccessful in previous bids?

Tendering and bidding is a “winner takes all” game, just like the ABBA song. Losing a bid could be due to several reasons: you didn’t’ provide everything they asked for; you were non-compliant on statutory requirements; the solution was not a fit; pricing was too high, etc. Through benchmarking and post-bid reviews (both internal and with your client) we can help you determine why you are unsuccessful. And then we can help you close those gaps and win more.

Can you make my proposals and presentations look more professional?

Yes! People form first impressions within 7 seconds of meeting you. Your company profile, proposal or presentation are no different.  Our top-notch graphic designers will turn your pumpkin into a carriage Cinderella would be envious of. And best yet, it will stay a carriage even after the clock strikes 12.

I cannot find the right company and sales information I need for my bids. How can you help?

It is called a library. A content or knowledge library, to be exact. We will extract the best and most used content from your previous submissions, identify the gaps, and recommend new messaging and improvements. You can increase efficiency and boost compliance with a properly developed and maintained content library.  This way you can spend your time on more important win-focused activities.

Can you help me with my funding proposal?

The same best practices we use to write winning tender submission, are applied to writing funding proposals. We understand the nuances and will research the funders requirements, so you have the best possible chance of a successful application.

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