LoopioLoopio introduces Response Intelligence

May 9, 2022by admin

LoopioLoopio introduces Response Intelligence™ to improve the RFP Experience through Machine Learning

TORONTO, Sept. 29, 2021—Today, Loopio, the leader in RFP automation software, announced at its annual conference, Loopicon, the next era of RFP response technology: Response Intelligence™.

Fueled by Loopio’s proprietary machine learning technology, Response Intelligence™ surfaces insights and makes recommendations in the response process to help responders work smarter and create winning proposals.

Loopio has introduced some of the most-loved RFP automation functionality to the market, which has helped thousands of teams to scale their operations and increase response efficiency like never before. Now, with the introduction of Response Intelligence™, proposal teams will be able to increase their odds of winning more responses—and fuel their company’s growth in the process.

Response Intelligence™ is a bold initiative that upholds Loopio’s mission of helping ambitious companies and people fuel growth.”

Zak Hemraj, CEO

“With over 1,000 customers and more than 100,000 projects being completed through the Loopio platform, the possibilities for Response Intelligence™ to capture and surface actionable insights are endless,” says Zak Hemraj, CEO and Co-Founder of Loopio.

Providing recommendations for improving response content quality is a core component of Response Intelligence™. Loopio has identified more than 70 different data points in writing best practices that correlate with higher win rates. Response Intelligence™ will analyze response content and highlight opportunities to further strengthen the answer by improving readability, introducing further customization, and implementing other recommendations.

“Our customers tell us that understanding the quality of an overall response, as well as the individual questions and answers, is one of the biggest opportunities for Loopio to help them win more business,” says Justin Dilley, SVP of Product and Design at Loopio.

“By building actionable recommendations into the Loopio platform, Response Intelligence™ helps response functions do their best work, grow, and realize their full potential.”

Justin Dilley, SVP, Product and Design, Loopio

Additionally, Response Intelligence™ will identify and recommend the right subject matter experts (SMEs) to respond to RFP questions. It’s often difficult to know which internal SMEs to engage (especially in larger organizations) and how best to request their assistance with a project. Response Intelligence™ addresses this challenge by collecting data about who within the organization has responded to similar questions, then continuing to surface a list of recommended experts.

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