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Get the best quality proposals into your client’s hands sooner. Automate manual parts of the RFP, DDQ, and Security Questionnaire response process with Loopio’s intuitive RFP response software.
Take control of your sales cycle and—ultimately—your growth.

Tame Content Management Chaos

Centralize Your Best RFP Content
Store your most up-to-date content in a structured, custom-built Library.
Loopio’s powerful search tools make finding answers from past RFPs faster and simpler.

Keep Information Up-to-Date, Effortlessly
Reduce the risk of sending out the wrong information to your prospects.
Loopio’s automated workflows ensure your content is always accurate through consistent reviews and updates.

Capture the Latest (and Greatest) Answers
Organically grow and maintain your Library. As you work, Loopio identifies any edits or new content in each project—making it easy to add those entries to your Library.

Manage Deadlines, Projects, and Teammates With Ease

Automate Tedious Tasks
Start responses with just a few clicks using our AI-powered import. Then let Loopio’s response automation tool, Magic, fill in answers based on matches from past projects.

Work Together, Win Together
Loopio’s Project Workspace makes collaboration stress-free. Assign questions to subject matter experts, track reviews, and manage deadlines with automated reminders, so everyone stays on track.

On-Brand Proposals, Every Time
Stop manually formatting RFPs. Loopio seamlessly exports proposals back into the source file or a customized template based on your company’s branding.

Award-Winning Partnership That Fuels Your Growth

Getting started with Loopio is simple and typically takes 15-30 days. We’ll create a tailored plan that ensures your long-term success. The journey will look something like this:

  1. Agree on a change management plan that outlines key dates, stakeholders, and success criteria.
  2. Build a structured Library with your company’s content with hands-on support from Loopio.
  3. Map existing processes to Loopio, and train your team on the new workflows.
  4. Ensure ongoing success and ROI through scheduled check-ins with your Customer Success Manager.
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