nFOLD & LOOPIODo you want to better utilise your proposal team's time?

Streamline response workflows

Start proposals directly from your customer relationship management (CRM) tool with client details mapped automatically into Loopio.

Achieve more effective remote work

Stay on top of deadlines and access reusable RFP answers, without ever leaving Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Increase capacity to respond to RFPs

Easily tap into your colleagues’ expertise with Loopio’s collaborative, easy-to-use Project Workspace. Plus, every project you complete together makes your Library—and future RFP responses—even better.

nFOLD & LOOPIODo you want the capacity to respond to all desirable RFPs?

Automate response work

Research shows RFP responses account for a whopping 41 percent of revenue. That’s why having a process to optimize RFP response writing is critical. After all, RFPs aren’t always easy to answer.

Create review and approval workflows

Customized review and approval workflows are the easiest way to ensure your content is always accurate. Simply schedule a new cycle, and assign it to the right experts for review. Loopio will send timely reminders to update as needed—so rest assured your content won’t be forgotten about.

Collaborate from anywhere

Still chasing teammates or scouring old files for RFP response answers? Get accurate information when you need it with Loopio’s smart Library—and watch your RFP quality (and win rate) soar.

nFOLD & LOOPIODo you want to submit high-quality RFPs on time?

Increase productivity

Easily attach graphs, reports, or images to proposals in Loopio through your cloud storage service.

Create a positive sentiment towards RFPs

The key to writing a great response is breaking the RFP process into manageable steps. We recommend following a simple, three-step process to streamline your approach to answering proposals. First, personalize your standard content for your prospective vendor, agency, or customer. Then, get your subject matter experts (SMEs) to fill in the gaps. Finally, proofread the proposal to make sure it sounds professional and consistent.

Improve your win rate

Integrate RFP response data from Loopio into Salesforce to track open pipeline from RFPs, win rates, and much more.

nFOLD & LOOPIODo you want the correct response team to work on RFPs?

See team and individual availability

Get real-time visibility into the team and individual capacity via a series of dashboards.

Reduce bid team burnout

Not only are you able to monitor and manage your bid resources and SMEs, but you can now measure and report on a range of metrics that can make the difference between a functioning bid team and an overworked one.

nFOLD & LOOPIODo you want better RFP response team collaboration?

Assign tasks to the right team member

Easily assign tasks to team members and facilitate re-assignment of tasks through a controlled systematic mechanism.

Monitor progress against deadlines

Real-time visibility maximises the ability to view and take action throughout the lifecycle of your responses.

Create content and response feedback loops

Provide your team with on-demand access to information they need to respond. Setup auto-cadence reviews to ensure content is at its “Freshest”.

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