nFOLD & LOOPIOLet us show you how to get better RFP response team collaboration

Do you want better RFP response team collaboration? We can show you how!

Assign tasks to the right team member

Easily assign tasks to team members and facilitate re-assignment of tasks through a controlled systematic mechanism.

Monitor progress against deadlines

Real-time visibility maximises the ability to view and take action throughout the lifecycle of your responses.

Create content and response feedback loops

Provide your team with on-demand access to information they need to respond. Setup auto-cadence reviews to ensure content is at its “Freshest”.

    GLOCALISATION INDABASee more on how the nFold & Loopio partnership can help your business

    Do you want the capacity to respond to all desirable RFPs?

    Do you want to submit high-quality RFPs on time?

    Do you want the correct response team to work on RFPs?

    Do you want to better utilise your response team's time?
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