nFOLD & LOOPIOHow do you build capacity to respond to all desirable RFPs?

Do you want the capacity to respond to all desirable RFPs? We can show you how!

Automate response work

Research shows RFP responses account for a whopping 41 percent of revenue. That’s why having a process to optimize RFP response writing is critical. After all, RFPs aren’t always easy to answer.

Create review and approval workflows

Customized review and approval workflows are the easiest way to ensure your content is always accurate. Simply schedule a new cycle, and assign it to the right experts for review. Loopio will send timely reminders to update as needed—so rest assured your content won’t be forgotten about.

Collaborate from anywhere

Still chasing teammates or scouring old files for RFP response answers? Get accurate information when you need it with Loopio’s smart Library—and watch your RFP quality (and win rate) soar.

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    Do you want to better utilise your proposal team's time?

    Do you want to submit high-quality RFPs on time?

    Do you want the correct response team to work on RFPs?

    Do you want better RFP response team collaboration?
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