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People who continually strive to make today better than yesterday drive our success. Our  “secret sauce”  is how we solve problems creatively and proactively. We are committed to being an inclusive workplace that celebrates diversity, promotes equity, and fosters a culture of respect, trust and transparency. We value our employees and recognise their unique perspectives, experiences and ideas as essential to achieving our goals of being proposal industry makers.


Back Row (Left to Right)

Elfride Kotze (CF.APMP) – Marketing Fundo | Larissa Cornelius (CPP.APMP) – Chief Win Strategist | Alyssa Petersen (CF.APMP) – Success Enabler | Witness Radebe (CF.APMP) – Success Manager | Izane Cloete-Hamilton (CPP.APMP) -Chief Inspiration Officer | Margaret Vermeulen (CF.APMP) – Success Enabler | Carl Wilsnagh (CF.APMP) – The Simplifier | Eric Njuguna (CPP.APMP) – Success Manager

Front Row (Left to Right)

Ilse Sfreddo (CP.APMP) – The Connector | Phillipa Phiri (CP.APMP) – Success Manager | Scylla Gardiner (CP.APMP) – Win Strategist

Not Present

Monique Du Plessis (CF.APMP) – Success Manager

Meet our nFold learners

We are thrilled to announce that as of 1 March 2023, Andre Ramare, Mandisa Nkohla and Nwabisa Nkohla join us as learners. The Workplace Experience Programme they embark on for the next 12 months forms part of achieving the National Qualification in Project Management NQF Level 4.

Mandisa Nkohla

I am a 28-year-old South African woman striving for success through hard work and commitment. I acquired certificates in bookkeeping and film and television production. Worked as an administrator at Black Content Studios and am currently pursuing project management.

Andre Ramare

Being successful has always been a driving force in anything I’ve put my mind to. I look to carrying this attitude of achieving success with me on my leadership journey. Watch out – winning is becoming a habit!

Nwabisa Nkohla

I am a 28-year-old mother of two who meticulously ensures that I deliver high-quality results, giving my best. I have a bookkeeping and radio production certificate and worked at Black Content Studios as an administrator, currently pursuing a career in project management.


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