APMP Micro-CertificationsSmall Certificate, Big Wins!

Unlock Professional Growth with APMP Micro-Certifications

Discover the diverse world of APMP certifications, your gateway to mastering proposal management. Whether you’re new to the field or looking to specialise further, APMP offers a structured path to elevate your career.

APMP Micro-Certifications: Quick Wins for Focused Learning

Dive into APMP Micro-Certifications, the short stories of our certification library. Each micro-certification focuses on a single theme or skill, making it the perfect option for professionals seeking quick wins and sharpening their expertise in specific areas. These certifications are designed around APMP best practices, ensuring you gain the essential skills required to craft compelling bids and proposals. Take this step towards enhancing your professional repertoire and see immediate improvements in your work.

Invest in Your Career

Starting with a Micro-Certification is an investment in your professional development. It not only recognizes your skills in alignment with APMP standards but also boosts your capability to produce winning business proposals. For those who already possess a Signature Certifications, adding a Micro-Certification can provide detailed insight into specialised topics, setting you apart in the industry. This focused expertise signals a clear competitive advantage, crucial for winning business and advancing your career.

Become a Proposal-Writing Superstar

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your skills and unlock new career possibilities. Whether you’re reinforcing your foundation or aiming for advanced mastery, our APMP certifications are designed to support your journey to becoming a proposal-writing superstar. Enroll today and start transforming your professional future!

Bid and Proposal Writing (BW-M APMP)

As you engage with the nuances of Bid and Proposal Writing, this specific Micro-Certification empowers you with the tools to craft exceptional proposals, leading your team toward sustained success.

Executive Summaries (ES-M APMP)

APMP’s Executive Summaries Micro-Certification is a dynamic, sharp, and highly targeted programme designed to give you the skills to craft compelling executive summaries that engage, inform, and persuade.

Graphics (GR-M APMP)

The APMP Graphics Micro-Certification recognises best practices and the essential skills required to create impactful and effective graphics for bids and proposals. Clear, compelling, audience-focused graphics (including covers) improve win rates. They convey information to the audience in a more compelling and easily digestible manner, and they help reach readers both intellectually and emotionally.

Competitive Price to Win (PW-M APMP)

The APMP Competitive Price to Win Micro-Certification recognises best practices and the essential skills required to develop a viable price to win strategy.

Price To Win is the process for assessing how competitors will offer solutions to meet customer requirements. It relies on customer and competitor intelligence to identify both what customers value and the solutions competitors are likely to offer to achieve it.


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