Mastering global proposal best practices with nFold is practical, rewarding, and affordable.

Masterclasses help you establish a solid foundation for your proposal career.

Each course makes sense on its own and you can do them in any order. Together, they form a complete picture that will set you up for success.

Plan to Win

Plan to Win is a masterclass designed to equip delegates with knowledge and skills to develop a winning proposal and tender strategy. This course provides a detailed overview of the proposal and tender process and how to create a comprehensive strategy that aligns with an organisation’s strengths, capabilities, and strategic objectives.

Duration: Full Day

Structure for Success

Structure for Success will equip delegates with the skills and knowledge to structure persuasive and practical proposals and tender responses.

This course covers the entire response process, from the front cover and cover letter to the functional response, pricing, and statutory documents. Participants will learn how to shred tender requirements and how to create a complaint, responsive, and persuasive submissions that maximises their scoring and improves their chances of winning.

Duration: Half-day

Creating Visual Impact

Creating Visual Impact is a masterclass to enhance proposals and tenders’ visual appeal and effectiveness.

Participants will learn how to develop a visual strategy that aligns with their brand and effectively communicates their critical messages to the client. In addition, by incorporating visual elements like imagery, graphics and infographics, participants will learn how to create a compelling and memorable submission that stands out from the competition.

Duration: Half-day

Price to Win

The Price to Win masterclass teaches delegates how to develop a pricing strategy that is both competitive and profitable.

Led by industry experts, this masterclass will provide participants with the knowledge and tools needed to effectively navigate the pricing process and increase their chances of winning. Participants will learn how to analyse their costs, develop a pricing structure that reflects the value they offer, and communicate their pricing strategy clearly and compellingly.

Duration: Full Day

Value that Wins

The Value that Wins masterclass is for those responsible for crafting executive summaries that convey the value of a proposal or tender submission.

In this course, participants will learn how to create powerful executive summaries that effectively communicate the unique value of their solution and differentiate themselves from competitors. It will provide participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to craft compelling executive summaries that capture decision-makers’ attention and win more business.

Duration: Full Day

Language of Success

The Language of Success is a masterclass designed to enhance persuasive writing skills for proposals, pitches, and tenders. Led by industry experts, this course will teach you how to craft compelling messages that resonate with your target audience. Through practical exercises and interactive sessions, you will learn how to use language to persuade and influence your audience while establishing credibility and trust. You will also gain insight into structuring your writing to ensure it is engaging and easy to follow, using techniques such as storytelling and active voice.

Duration: Full Day

Winning Reviews

The Effective Proposal Reviews masterclass will help organisations drive compliance, value and wins by improving their proposal review process.

This course covers pre-bid and post-bid review processes and teaches participants how to conduct effective reviews that maximise their chances of success. Participants will learn how to identify and correct compliance issues, evaluate proposal strengths and weaknesses, and provide constructive feedback to proposal teams. Additionally, we will cover establishing review criteria and developing a review team, ensuring a consistent and effective review process.

Duration: Half Day

Closing the Gap

The post-proposal stage is often overlooked, but it is just as important as preparing and submitting the proposal or tender response. This masterclass will cover the key activities and strategies companies should focus on after submitting a proposal or tender response.

Attendees will learn how to optimise their chances of success through practical follow-up activities, like client engagement, post-submission negotiations, and relationship building. They will learn how to manage the process of debriefing and feedback, which is invaluable for future proposals and tenders.

Duration: Half Day

Pitch to Win

The Pitch to Win masterclass will help professionals create effective and winning presentations. The course covers all aspects of presentation creation, from developing compelling content to delivering a polished and engaging presentation.

Attendees will learn how to identify their audience’s needs and preferences, craft a powerful message, and use visual aids and other tools to create a lasting impression. They will also learn best practices for managing their nerves and delivering a confident and persuasive performance.

Duration: Full Day

Public Sector Tender Forms

This training course focusses on completing government tender forms, i.e., SBD and MBD procurement forms, for the South African public sector. Attendees will learn to provide compliant evidence and avoid common mistakes that could lead to disqualification. The programme will cover the entire process, from understanding the tender requirements to submitting the final proposal.

Duration: Half Day

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