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August 2, 2022by admin

PLAN TO WINHow planned knowledge management and validated content help you develop a winning strategy

Capture and proposal planning creates preference with your clients before the proposal’s release. It helps you create a persuasive winning strategy. Through systematic research and analysis of the client, the competition and the opportunity, you can formulate a winning strategy.

Developing a winning strategy is an integral part of any proposal. Early engagement and a good understanding of the client and opportunity are critical.

You can test and further develop your strategy with the client by defining a winning strategy during the capture planning stage (rather than when the proposal is out).

Why is a winning strategy important?

  • It gives you the best chance of winning
  • Helps develop a client-focused and compelling proposal
  • Aligns your offer with the client’s needs and buying criteria
  • Differentiates your solution and offer from the competition.

TIP: Knowledge about the depth of client relationships, incumbency, project drivers and issues, skills and experience, resources for the project, and competitor analysis are crucial information and must be available in a knowledge repository.
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