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June 8, 2023by admin

Reference LetterClinic with Purpose

I am writing to provide a professional reference for nFold, a company that has significantly impacted the success of my clients. As the owner and director of Clinic with Purpose, a collaborative platform, I connect small businesses with consultants and service providers to find the right solutions for their growth and expansion. Our focus is on training and consulting, primarily for clients in South Africa and other African countries.

Our clients faced two main challenges: the need for more professional company profiles and cover letters and difficulties writing professional responses to proposals, executive summaries, and overall business writing. As a result, we sought the expertise of nFold to address these issues.

nFold provided tailored solutions by developing engaging and professional company profiles, cover letters and tender response templates for our clients.

They also conducted training workshops for small businesses, focusing on professional proposal writing, executive summaries, and overall business writing. nFold’s ability to adapt their workshops to suit the skills and level of the audience ensured that the content was relevant and accessible.

The key value and outcomes our clients achieved from collaboration with nFold include:

  1. Professional and persuasive company profiles.
  2. A library of templates that they can quickly adapt and use when responding to tenders.
  3. Improved proposal and business writing skills, leading to more effective communication with potential clients and partners.

nFold’s understanding of small businesses and their challenges, along with their shared values of serving small businesses in a way that makes sense to them, sets them apart from other providers. Their commitment to finding the right solution for each client, rather than offering a one-size-fits-all approach, has significantly impacted our business.

I highly recommend nFold to any organization seeking professional proposal support services. Their expertise, professionalism, and reliability make them an invaluable partner.
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