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June 8, 2023by admin

Reference LetterEndress + Hauser

I am FP Aldrich, the Head of Department for Projects and Solutions at Endress + Hauser South Africa. With over a decade of experience in the process automation industry, I have witnessed the evolution of our market and the increasing need for trendy, engaging proposals that resonate with our customers.

We realised that our proposal documents were outdated and had little visual impact. They seemed like “copy and paste”, with irrelevant information and a lack of persuasiveness.

Recognising the need for updated proposals aligned with our customer’s expectations, we engaged with nFold for their proposal benchmark exercise, including surveys, interviews, and proposal document analysis.

nFold’s personalised approach and expertise in tender, proposal, and pitch solutions greatly impressed me.

The outcomes of the benchmark process have received positive feedback from our internal stakeholders. Their comprehensive and detailed recommendations detailed actionable quick wins and longer-term strategic directives.

I recommend nFold to any business wanting to improve its proposal process and competitiveness. Their subject matter expertise, ability to integrate their knowledge base into the relevant industry, and personalised approach make them invaluable partners in developing impactful and successful proposals.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or require further information on our experience with nFold.
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