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June 8, 2023by admin

Reference LetterUJ: Enterprise and Supplier Development Program

I am Omphile Modise-Mashishi, Project Manager for the Enterprise and Supplier Development Program at the Centre for Entrepreneurship, part of the Johannesburg Business School, a faculty of the University of Johannesburg. Our centre supports small businesses, promotes entrepreneurship, and empowers entrepreneurs to compete effectively in the economy. I am delighted to endorse nFold as a valuable partner for organizations aiming to enhance their tender processes and efficiency.

Our collaboration with nFold emerged from our need to help SMEs access markets, create value propositions, and produce persuasive business proposals, especially in the public sector. nFold’s public sector procurement expertise significantly improved our programs’ outcomes, providing SMEs with the skills and knowledge to navigate public sector procurement successfully.

nFold’s participation in our public sector procurement program demonstrated their professionalism, reliability, and expertise. They shared timely and relevant information about upcoming public sector procurement regulations changes, which we had not known previously. This showcases nFold’s commitment to staying informed and delivering accurate, up-to-date information to clients.

While our internal facilitators mainly focus on research, nFold’s practical approach ensures the information shared with SMEs is based on real-world experience and is both current and valuable. Their expertise, professionalism, and customized solutions have positively impacted our program participants.

I wholeheartedly recommend nFold to other institutions, peers, and business schools seeking practical, relevant, and industry-specific training. Unlike some companies that concentrate solely on theory, nFold actively engages in the public sector and various industries, understanding the challenges and requirements SMEs must tackle to stand out and differentiate themselves.

In conclusion, I strongly endorse nFold as a valuable partner for organizations seeking to optimize their tender processes and efficiency. Their expertise and practical approach will undoubtedly lead to positive outcomes. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss my experience with nFold further.
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