SERVICES"And, after all, winning business is what writing proposals is all about."
~ Tom Sant

We collaborate, train, and simplify to improve your tender, bid and proposal processes and submissions.

Worldwide, thousands of sales proposals, bids and tenders are submitted every day in the private and public sectors. Unfortunately, it is not always straightforward to identify and respond to those that are potential winners.

Drum roll.

This is where nFold comes to your rescue. From advice on making bid/no-bid decisions, benchmarking against industry best-practice, preparing responses or outsourcing your bid operations, we strengthen client relationships by helping you winning new business.

Are you struggling to respond to bids, tenders and proposals?

We help you make a “bid or no-bid” decision, analyse, and develop your response strategy through proposal guidance and project management. In addition, we advise on the best-suited response structure (e.g., joint-ventures, sub-contracting, and complex partnerships) and help you navigate the processes involved in competitive tenders.

Are tight timelines and lack of capacity leading to poor quality or missed deadlines?

Therefore, we provide “hands-on” capacity to ensure that your response meets the requirements, is compliant and most of all is compelling.

We bring a strategic view and identify critical factors to strengthen your competitiveness. We draft, edit and quality control the content to increase your winning potential; we ensure the quality and consistency of your response.

We can also conduct post-bid reviews to determine why you won (so you can repeat the recipe for success) or lost a deal (so you can take corrective action).

Would you like to create the capacity in your business to consistently submit excellent and on-time proposals?

Over and above supporting you through the bid process, we can also give you tools, templates, and processes needed for future submissions. This value-added service ensures you have in-house skills to save time on future responses.

Wondering if benchmarking is really that important? Quick answer: yes it is.

Whether you work in a large corporate, a small-medium enterprise or own a business, you’ve heard about benchmarking. Renowned business leaders often highlight the importance of benchmarking to the success of a business.

What is benchmarking, and is it relevant to bid and proposal development? Better yet, can it help improve your win rate?

We are proposal and pitch specialists.

We deliver critical bid services like benchmarking your bid delivery operations, consulting on selecting the right bids to respond to, providing hands-on live proposal bidding support and ad-hoc capacity. We also develop and implement definitive bid-winning strategies, craft executive summaries, conduct post-submission reviews and implement improvements, thus providing you with everything you need to build an overwhelmingly persuasive pitch, sales proposal or tender response.

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