Optimising your company’s growth potential.

Are you concerned about low win rates? Do you know where the gaps are in your proposal capabilities and how to close them?

Today’s competitive business landscape, requires winning more work to drive growth and success. Some companies are better at it than others. To win more work and increase your revenue pipeline you need to have an accurate picture of your capabilities and a plan to improve. nFold offers you the ability to clearly understand why, where and how to improve your sales and proposal process.

Proposal analysis and benchmarking are a step in the right direction for companies serious about improving their tender and proposal capabilities. Through an independent assessment comprising a survey, interviews, and an in-depth analysis of past proposals, we benchmark your sales delivery function against industry best practices. The outcomes are actionable recommendations for improving your sales and proposal capabilities.

Get a holistic view of your company's tender capabilities.

Unlock the benefits that benchmarking offers.

Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses
Discover what you are doing well
Determine how to improve your capabilities
Improving Proposal Quality
Make targeted improvements to
Produce higher-quality sales collateral
Increase your chances of winning new business
Improving your overall revenue
Enhancing Team Collaboration
Involve all proposal team members in the process, will
Encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing
Develop a more cohesive team
Align your processes with business objectives and strategy
Benchmarking against Best Practices
Learn how the best win more
Apply best practices to improve your success rate
Increasing Efficiency
Streamline your proposal process and
Eliminate inefficient ways of working
Maximise resources
Produce higher-quality outputs quicker

A powerful strategy to elevate your tender capabilities.

Equip your company for success:

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Benchmark against best practices
  • Improve proposal quality
  • Increase efficiency, and
  • Enhance team collaboration.

Make your company standout in the competitive business landscape. Benchmarking optimises growth and cultivates strong client relationships.

Take advantage of the opportunity to refine your revenue pipeline process and deliver winning sales proposals.

nFold will help you unlock your company’s full potential through our internationally recognised benchmarking analysis.

WIN MORE WITH LESS EFFORTFind out more about how benchmarking will help you optimise your company's growth potential.

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