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Winning contracts and growing your business are crucial for growth and success in today’s competitive landscape. However, the bidding process can be complex and resource intensive.

That’s where nFold’s Bid Management Services come in. Our team of APMP-certified Bid Managers is dedicated to overseeing the entire tender process for your business, ensuring that you have the best chance of securing new contracts and growing your bottom line.

What does a Bid Manager do?

Our Bid Managers oversee the entire bidding process, from selecting relevant bids to managing the team responding to them. They have a deep understanding of the commercial and operational aspects of bidding, enabling them to create persuasive proposals.

Why choose nFold's Bid Management Services?


Bid management requires impeccable organisational skills. Our Bid Managers will efficiently organise relevant contributors and ensure everything is completed on time. With multiple bids in progress, they stay on top of each project’s progress.


As Bid Managers, our experts excel at communicating why your company is the best fit for the opportunity you are responding to. They have the ability to translate technical jargon into layman’s terms, ensuring clear and persuasive communication. Additionally, they maintain consistent communication with your team, ensuring a smooth process.

People Skills

Our Bid Managers possess outstanding interpersonal skills essential when dealing with various stakeholders. They can confidently chase up contributors, even if they are senior members of management with heavy workloads. Their leadership abilities unite the team towards the same goal.

Attention to Detail

Thoroughly checking bids before submission is crucial, and our Bid Managers excel at this. They ensure that your response looks professional by removing spelling errors or editing notes, giving it the best chance of success. They also obtain official approvals when necessary.

Benefits of working with nFold

Expertise and specialised skills

Our Bid Managers possess a wealth of expertise and specialised skills in crafting compelling proposals. They understand the nuances of different industries and have a proven track record in securing contracts. Their knowledge of best practices and winning strategies ensure that your proposals are tailored to your target audience, making a lasting impression on decision-makers.

Increased efficiency and timesaving

By leveraging nFold’s Bid Management Services, your business benefits from streamlined processes and reduced time spent on proposal development. Our Bid Managers work diligently to produce high-quality proposals on time, allowing your team to focus on other critical tasks, ultimately increasing overall productivity and efficiency.

Focus on core business operations

Outsourcing your bidding process to nFold allows your organisation to concentrate on what it does best: delivering exceptional products and services. This focus on core business operations enhances overall performance, customer satisfaction, and long-term profitability, ensuring your company remains competitive.

Fresh perspective and improved quality

Our Bid Managers bring a fresh perspective to your proposals, identifying unique selling points and innovative solutions that make you stand out from the competition. Their exceptional writing skills and attention to detail result in polished, persuasive, and high-quality proposals that showcase your company’s strengths and capabilities.


External consultants are a cost-effective solution for your business. By outsourcing the bidding process, you avoid the expense of maintaining an in-house proposal team while benefiting from the expertise and experience of industry professionals dedicated to helping you win contracts.

Flexibility and scalability

Our services are designed to be flexible and scalable, adapting to your unique bidding needs. Whether you require assistance with a single proposal or ongoing support for multiple bids, our Bid Managers can seamlessly integrate with your team, providing the level of support you need to succeed.

Objectivity and industry knowledge

Our Bid Managers offer an unbiased perspective, helping your organisation avoid common biases and blind spots hindering proposal success. They stay current with industry trends and best practices, ensuring your proposals align with current market expectations and showcase your company’s competitive edge.

Partner with nFold to elevate your bidding process, secure new contracts, and drive sustainable growth. By consistently delivering high-quality, winning proposals, your business will become synonymous with excellence and professionalism in decision-makers eyes.

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