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Make smarter decisions with proposal qualification and automation software.

Make smarter decisions with proposal qualification and automation software. These solutions are designed to help you solve your toughest RFP challenges, centralise your best curated content, and make a measurable impact on your win rate.


Loopio is a cloud-based request for proposal (RFP) solution that expedites creating bid, tender and sales proposal responses. Primary features include content management, content libraries, team collaboration, import and export and advanced search.

It provides security, compliance, and simplicity at scale.

It allows users to respond to RFPs by importing requirements within the solution, searching questions in the database, and assigning them to subject matter experts. The content manager module allows users to store and organize content into categories and multiple libraries.


OpenGTM enables Proposal, Capture, and Sales professionals to be able to better identify, qualify, and compare opportunities. Using OpenGTM, ensures that valuable organisational resources are not being wasted on poor unqualified opportunities being pursued.


VisibleThread is a language analysis platform that improves the efficiency, clarity and compliance of RFPs, contracts, and mission-critical business writing with quantifiable metrics.

  • VT Docs is a multi-purpose document analysis software tool. It helps you reach bid or no-bid decisions faster, shreds documents in minutes, generates compliance matrices and instantly pinpoints non-compliant, risky content, and more…
  • VT Writer improves the quality of mission critical business writing. It flags grammar issues alongside your plain language metrics, including capitalization errors, collocation issues, possible typos, punctuation problems, and more…
  • VT Insights measures quality improvement across all organisation assets, both offline and online, to improve customer experience with team insights.

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