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March 21, 2023by admin

Top tips for Executive Summaries

Writing a persuasive executive summary, makes it easier for evaluators to understand the key messages in your proposal. Improving your chances of winning.

Here are five tips to help you write a persuasive executive summary.

Write it first

Write the executive summary draft first while you’re still fresh. Writing it first does not mean this is the final version. You can add more value to your executive summary as you progress with the bid process. An executive summary will help your team plan the proposal and is helpful as a writer’s brief during the kick-off meeting.

Less is more

Avoid using big words to try and impress. Instead, get your point across quicker with the right words to keep the evaluator’s attention. Evaluators are busy people. Your proposal is one of many that they need to evaluate.

Paint pictures

Make your executive summary stand out by designing your layout, using white space, writing a captivating heading, use call-out boxes and graphics to support your value proposition. “One picture is worth a thousand words.”

Be customer focused

When selling your solution to a customer, tailor your response to the specific customer. This will create a relationship between you and the customer where they can imagine how your solution will solve their problems.

No time for misteaks

Review, review and review your executive summary. It is easy to misspell a word and not immediately pick it up.

Have you been able to spot mine?

If needed, remember to allow time for changes in the executive summary, and always do a final proofread.


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