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February 7, 2023by admin

Top tips for using a Compliance Matrix

Because tenders can be challenging, using a compliance matrix will help you plan and organise your submission. In addition, a compliant and responsive proposal increases your chances of winning more work.

If you haven’t used a compliance matrix before or do not know what it looks like, we’ve included an example with some pointers on best practices.

  1. Prepare a comprehensive compliance matrix for every bid request.
  2. Build the compliance matrix early.
  3. Shred the RFP line by line.
  4. Tailor the compliance matrix for your customer and setting.
  5. Create your compliance matrix using a spreadsheet application.
  6. Follow the customer’s lead.
  7. Keep the compliance matrix up to date throughout the proposal process.
  8. Submit a response matrix with your proposal.
  9. Enhance compliance with responsiveness.
  10. Use the compliance matrix as a selling tool.

Submitting a compliant and responsive proposal shows that you are experienced, professional and easy to work with.
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